Thursday, September 20, 2012

Planning a Birthday Bash

birthday party

To pull off a large scale birthday bash, proper planning needs to be devised. Having a theme is mind is a good place to start. It helps you mesh out everything with your plans. Your decorations, lighting, cake, catering, it’s all easily balance out by just focusing on a theme. Whether it is a pool party, an indoor party, or any other, a theme is the best way to go while planning a bash.  
A rocking birthday party is nothing without the thrill of games and prizes. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you always like to have fun with the people you love and games are the best way to do that, so, have a list of party games ready to grove up the place.
It’s not a party without music. Music always lights up the crowd, so make sure that the Dj you select knows how to get down & make people want to jump out of their comfort zones and in to the dance floor.
Knowing who to invite also counts. You don’t want to invite party poopers. You want to invite all those lively and jittery friends along with your friends and family just to mix things up. Nothing says ‘best day of your life’ than having all the people you love under the same roof.
Last but certainly not the least is the CAKE. Having a giant birthday party cake spells out food fight. A birthday comes once a year, it’s only fair that it gets done right. So I’d say, give the guys at EVENTS DECORATOR a call. They’ll give you a wild and enthralling birthday party that will truly make you want to be born again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About Events Decorator

Events Decorator LTD came into existence in 2006; we are based in Lahore, in the heart of Pakistan. We provide end-to-end solutions for all kinds of events -be they corporate or social. Our corporate office is in Lahore and foot prints extend to London and USA. We do event managementand we do event management very well. Why?

Because we focus on you, our customer at all times and ensures that we
are adding value to you and your business through events. We are here to help you deliver great events. We provide you with the tools that you need and the services that you want to deliver your events. We provide support through professional project managers who share their knowledge and brand experience with you. We provide event management solutions that dovetail into your own abilities, time and resources.
Events Decorator LTD who creates stylish and unique wedding events, in Pakistan. Creating truly personal and distinctive wedding celebrations and our aim is always to exceed your expectations. We ensure your wedding is not only beautifully designed but seamlessly managed throughout the wholewedding planning process.
From an initial consultation using your ideas as our inspiration, we work with you to bring all the elements of your wedding together. We will guide you through the process, as well as introducing you to the finest suppliers in the wedding industry.
Our discreet presence on the day will ensure every detail is taken care of, from dressing the venue, dealing with suppliers, to offering support to the wedding party and, of course adding all those finishing touches, leaving you free to enjoy your wedding knowing that everything will happen beautiful.
Since, we have been organized we made it our mission to provide simple but Out-of -the-box concepts, refreshing and satisfying experience with fruitful results to our guests. We are different from others because it’s not about what we do, it’s all about how we do, and we do it with high level of efficiency, dedication and perfection.
Today, Events Decorator LTD has vested interests in a range of different business activities.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catering to the Taste

What is the one thing that keeps the guests in their seats for hours and hours at a wedding? I mean, besides from the fact that they there for the celebration of the bride and groom. It's a simple and obvious answer. FOOD! The thrill of having to enjoy the delicious mouth water food catered for them as a celebration of the two souls bonding in holy matrimony is the truly remarkable. In certain countries like Pakistan, the level of priority is a bit strange even when it comes to the wedding food and the wedding couple. Half the people don't even know who the bride and groom are, but they are still their just for the catering.
Events Decorator
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catering in lahoreThe most enjoyable weddings are often those in which the food is divine. It all depends on the wedding caterer. It his/her duty to cater to the needs of all the guests and provide an exquisite presentation and a delightful taste because, in the end, it is not only the bride and groom's marriage on the line, it is also the caterer's reputation. If his/her food precedes the guests, the clientele for his/her business will definitely increase.
When you're putting together such a large assortment of people, there are bound to be those that have certain ways or preferences of eating. You may find that there are vegetarians or those that can't eat dairy. You might have a diabetic in the crowd or some other health restriction. It is the caterer's job to keep in mind his guests and caterer to everyone's taste.

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