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Mehndi Event Planning | Events management


This tradition is stated as both, Mehndi or Rasm-e-Hina. It takes place just a day before wedding. Bride wears yellow dress and floral ornaments. Mother, sisters and cousins of groom bring mehndi(hina) for bride. It is applied in beautiful floral way on her hands, sometimes, groom name is also written in her hand by Mehndi. In some parts of World, mehndi tradition is carried out for groom also. But mehndi is not applied on his hands. Dinner is served after that.

Mehndi night decoration

Event decorator design free mehndi function plan with the importance of rasm-e- henna requirements. We have best experience in mehndi night celebration and mehndi event management.
Rasm E Henna (Mehndi Party)special day before the wedding. Friends and family apply Mehndi (Henna) to the bride's hands and feet, sing, dance, and bless the bride on Mehndi functions. Traditionally mehndi was brought by groom's parents. Mehndi (Henna) is applied in beautiful floral designs and sometimes groom's name is written in designs. After the ceremony dinner is organized for the guests. Traditionally, the bride is not allowed to take part in the celebrations and keeps her face hidden in veil.

Mehndi Stage


  1. Furnished sofa sets
  2. Groom Mehdi decorator Seat
  3. Metal and wood floors
  4. Backgrounds for mehndi stage
  5. Red carpet for mehndi stage
  6. Table for mehndi stage

 Mehndi function Planning

  1. Mehndi lights
  2. Mehndi  halls
  3. Mehndi dance floors
  4. Yellow and green dupattas for boys
  5. Religious symbolic
  6. Mehndi curtain decoration
  7. Mehndi walls and windows decoration
  8. Mehndi ceiling decoration

Mehndi Dressing (females)

  1. Gottey wali kameez
  2. Choori daar pajama
  3. Chunri waley dupattey
  4. Khussey with pa-zaib
  5. Yellow shiny clothes

Mehndi Dressing (Males)

  1. Laacha Kurta
  2. Choori daar pajama
  3. yellow dupattey for dacne
  4. Multani Khussey
  5. white shiny clothes
  6. Punjabi Dhoti kurta

Mehndi decoration themes

  1. Moroccan mehndi theme
  2. Rajhistani mehndi theme
  3. Tajmehal mehndi theme
  4. Bara dari mehndi theme
  5. Religious mehndi theme
  6. Asian mehnid theme
  7. Spanish mehndi tattoos  
  8.  Seasonal mehndi stage decoration themes

 Mehndi  function accessories

  1. Dholki
  2. Flowers plates
  3. Mehndi Lights
  4. Thaal
  5. Kjra
  6. Daandiya ( Stick Dance )
  7. Candels
  8. Diva
  9. Sweets and gifts
  10. Bouquets
  11. Snow spray

Mehndi Design

  1. Mehndi Hands designs
  2. Arabic arm mehndi
  3. Full arm mehndi
  4. Bridal feet Mehndi

Mehndi Flowers decoration

Red Roses, Sun flower, Wild flower, Lilac, Carnations, Orchid, Lily, Tulip, Primrose, Roses

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